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contoh dialog berbahasa inggris

Dialoge 1
SHOP ASSISTANT : Good afternoon, madam. What can I do for you?
CUSTOMER             : Good afternoon, I'd like to look at some shirts.
SHOP ASSISTANT : Cottons or synthetics, madam?

CUSTOMER             : Terycots, if you have some.
SHOP ASSISTANT : Sure, madam. Over here, if you don't mind. We have an excellent range        of shirts in terycot. These striped ones are new arrivals.

CUSTOMER             : I rather fancy those blue ones with red stripes.
SHOP ASSISTANT :' Well, they're men's shirts. But nowadays . . .
CUSTOMER             : Could you take them out, please?
SHOP ASSISTANT : What's the collar-size, madam?
CUSTOMER             : Fifteen.
SHOP ASSISTANT : Fifteen? Are you sure, madam?
CUSTOMER             : Yes. I'm sure.
SHOP ASSISTANT : Here you are, madam.
CUSTOMER             : How much is it?
SHOP ASSISTANT : That's two hundred and nineteen rupees ninety-five paise. Plus taxes.   Would you like to try it on?
CUSTOMER             : Try it on? No. Could you gift-wrap it? You see, it's a gift to my husband on his birthday!
SHOP ASSISTANT : I see! (Later) Here it is! I've stuck on it a little card saying 'Happy Birthday!'
CUSTOMER             : That's very kind of you, young man. Bye!
SHOP ASSISTANT : Good-bye, madam. Call again.

Exercise 1
1.      What is discussed in the dialogue above?
2.      What is purchased by the customers?
3.      For whom she bought the shirt ?
4.      How much is it ?
5.      Whether the customer was satisfied with the service these men?
Answer 1
1.      A customer want to buy some shirts
2.      Terrcot, blue ones with red stripes
3.      For her husband on his birthday
4.      That's two hundred and nineteen rupees ninety-five paise
5.      Yes, because before she left the shopkeeper she was saying thank you
Dialogue 2
JANAKI                               : (to her husband Surendra). Why don't we come to the market more often?
SURENDRA                      : I don't find it a very enjoyable place.
JANAKI                               : But I do. I want to come here every day.
SURENDRA                      : Come here every day, then. Who stops you? You have nothing better to do . . .
JANAKI                               : Now, don't shout, dear. I didn't say I will come here every day; I said I want to come here.
SURENDRA                      : Let's not argue any more. Let's quickly do the shopping and go home. The children must be getting impatient.
JANAKI                               : OK, here's the shopping list. We'll first buy toiletries and groceries and then go to the vegetable stall.
SURENDRA                      : That's right. Let's go to the department store next door.
SHOP ASSISTANT       : What can I do for you, madam?
JANAKI                               : We're new to this store and we don't know where things are. Can you tell us where the groceries are? And the toiletries?
SHOP ASSISTANT       : For the groceries turn right, madam, and then walk straight on until you come to the end of the corridor. And for the toiletries, just turn left and you walk right into them.
JANAKI                               : Thanks.
SURENDRA                      : I want these 15 items. Please make me the bill quickly.
COUNTER CLERK          : I'll take only a minute, sir. Here's the bill.
JANAKI                               : Most of the vegetables I wanted to buy are stale. Some of them are even rotten. You should've thrown them away.
COUNTER CLERK          : Sorry, madam. In fact, yesterday the wholesale market was closed, and so we couldn't bring in fresh supplies.
JANAKI                               : But that doesn't mean you should sell rotten vegetables.
COUNTER CLERK          : Sorry, madam.
JANAKI                               : I won't come to this place again.
SURENDRA                      : Not until next week! Bye!
Exercise 2
1.      What matter happens in dialogue above?
2.      Where is toiletries and groceries ?
3.      Why the market sell rotten vegetable ?
4.      What the janaki opinions about the rotten vegetables ?
5.      Whether they satisfied with the market ?
Answer 2
1.      Janaki and Surenda have a different opinion about going to the market
2.      For the groceries turn right, and then walk straight on until come to the end of the corridor. And for the toiletries, just turn left and  walk right into them.
3.      Because yesterday the wholesale market was closed, and so they couldn't bring in fresh supplies.
4.      Janaki argue that they shouldn’t sell rotten vegetables
5.      No, Janaki was unsatisfieted. But Surendra still want to come next week
Dialogue 3
Receptionist    : Arisa Hotel, Good morning. I’m gina. May I help you?
Tina                 : good morning, Miss. I’m Tina from Hadana’s Garment Company. We want to book several rooms
Receptionist    : we have two types of room,the standard and the deluxe. Which one do you like ?
Tina                 : May I know the facilities of the each room?
Receptionist    : both have the same facilities; two-time meals, double bed, air conditioner, phone machine, standing shower and bathub, and room service 24 hours. For deluxe room, you have extra bed, television. And refrigerator. The room is larger.
Tina                 : And what about price ?
Receptionist    : Rp. 400.000 for the standard room and Rp. 500.000 for the deluxe
Tina                 : Ok, How may room are still available ?
Receptionist    : We still have many, Miss.
Tina                 : We’d like to book 10 standard rooms and one deluxe room. We’ll check in  on Sunday
Receptionist    : Ok, miss Tina. I’ll write you in our list for Sunday.
Tina                 : The booking is under the name of Mr. Tano from Hanada’s Garment Company.
Receptionist    : Please reconfirm on Sunday before 1 pm, Miss Tina!
Tina                 : Ok. Thank you very much, Miss Gina.
Receptionist    : you,re welcome, Miss Tina.

Exercise 3
1.      What Tina want ?
2.      Where she want to booking a room ?
3.      Any room owned by the hotel ?
4.      How about the deluxe and standart facilities ?
5.      How much Tina must pay ?
Answer 3
1.      Tina want to booking several room for her boss college
2.      Arisa hotels
3.      Two, standard and deluxe
4.      Both have the same facilities; two-time meals, double bed, air conditioner, phone machine, standing shower and bathub, and room service 24 hours. For deluxe room, have extra bed, television. And refrigerator. The room is larger.
5.      Rp. 400.000 for the standard room and Rp. 500.000 for the deluxe. And she booking 10 standart room and 1 deluxe room. So she must pay Rp. 4.500.000 for all
Dialogue 4
Reservation     : Good morning, Jakarta Travel Bureau. May I help you?
Tina                 : Good morning, I’d like to book one return ticket Jakarta-Singapore-Jakarta, Please!
Reservation     : Sure, Miss. May I know when you want to travel?
Tina                 : Well, yes I’m not the one who wants to travel. The ticket is for my colleague and he plans to leave on November 1st and  come back on 7 th . May I know the departure time of it?
Reservation     : Wait a moment, Miss. I’ll check.
Reservation     : Garuda Airlines takes off from Jakarta at 10 am on November 1st and takes off from Singapore at 1 pm on November 7th 
Tina                 : Is there any seat still available for my collague ?
Reservation     : I’ll check it in my computer first. Yes. We still have several empty seats.
Tina                 : Ok. I think he will like flying with garuda airlanes. Can I book the ticket now ?
Reservation     : Yes ofcourse. May I have the full name ?
Tina                 : his full name is  Markus Sihombing. When can I have the ticket ?
Reservation     :The ticket will be ready soon. You can take the ticket after 1 pm today.
Tina                 : Alright. I’ll send my courier to pay and take the ticket.
Reservation     : Ok. Thank you for calling.
Exercise 4
1.      Tickets where she ordered ?
2.      When it is ?
3.      Did she get the tickets ?
4.      For who she buy it ?
5.      Why the reservation must check it first ?
Answer 4
1.      Jakarta to Singapore and go back to Jakarta
2.      leave on November 1st and  come back on 7 th
3.      Yes, she did
4.      For her boss, Markus Sihombing
5.      Because he don’t khow the information before check it first
Dialogue 5
Thomas            : Do you think we must reduce the price ?
Dias                 : If we must reduce the price, the profit will suffer.
Thomas            : What about having fewer profit margins ?
Dias                 : Same thing. If we have fewer profit margins, we may need more cash from third   parties to run the company.
Thomas            : I still wonder if we can subcontacs
Dias                 : I don’t agree. If we subcontracs, we will not be sure of the quality
Thomas            : Must I upgrade our products?
Dias                 : With design, what you can upgrade is the theme. There is nothing costly about that. We need only creativity.
Thomas            : Then, I must upgrade our products.
Dias                 : Definitely. If we upgrade our products, the customers will have something new to buy.
Thomas            : I’m just worried that things don’t go as planned.
Dias                 : Sometimes they don’t. If things don’t go as planned, we can always take a detour.
Thomas            : Still, we must try to do something.
Dias                 : Of course, if we don’t try, we will never know what will happens.
Thomas            : You’re right. Besides, last year was good. This year’s better. I’m expecting a better performance next  year.
Dias                 : Next year is a good year. We shall have lots of things to do.
Thomas            : If there are lots of things to do, then we shall have more meetings.
Dias                 : Perhaps we will.
Exercise 5
1.      What they discussed about ?
2.      Whether it affects their company ?
3.      What the solution ?
4.      Must they upgrade their product ?
Answer 5
1.      They were discussed about how to increase their profit.
2.      They will have many problems if can not manage its business strategy
3.      many ways, one of them by changing production based on creativity
4.      Yes. If they upgrade their products, the customers will have something new to buy.


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